Reviews for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom ( 2018 ) 1080p

This movie gets the most crap and the hate for it, it is solid decent action sci-fi film my second favorite in the franchise

By: rambofan4life
This movie gets the most crap and the hate for it, it is a solid decent action sci-fi film so what's the problem? It is a decent film I love the film. I would put it in my second favorite Jurassic Park film in the franchise. I know I am going to get a lot of hate because it is not a rant. In my opinion it is a good film I love it, if you hate the film is your opinion I have no problems with the film, but it is an improvement over Jurassic World I hated that film. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard returns and they are decent I love them in the film so much.

When the island's dormant volcano begins roaring to life, Owen and Claire mount a campaign to rescue the remaining dinosaurs from this extinction-level event.

I enjoy the practical effects, the explosions, the acting, the story and the action. I love the CGI effect for the raging volcano This is a faster paced film it goes fast around. I enjoyed the film it was entertaining and I wasn't bored with it. I understand the story, the twist and what they try to do with the film. I got this movie on Blu-ray disc and I enjoy it, I enjoy the film it is a guilty pleasure of mine. Call it whatever you want it I love it.

Chris Pratt as Owen Grady was decent and really a good hero, he does good performance, he has more stuff to do than in the first one. Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire Dearing was one hot mama who showed emotions and she cared about dinosaurs and a rescue mission. She wasn't annoying she was fine and entertaining. I like Bryce Dallas Howard because she was in Spider-Man 3 as Gwen Stacy and I have enjoyed her performance more than Emma Stone in The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2. I enjoy Ted Levine in this movie he was in Joy Ride and The Hills Have Eyes remake and I enjoy his performance to be a bad guy. I enjoyed Isabella Sermon as Maise little girl she wasn't annoying I liked her. Rafe Spall was awesome as Eli Mills the villain he was practically like Carter J. Burke (Paul Reiser) from Aliens who wanted a profit of capturing aliens while Mills try's to get rich by selling a live dinosaurs.

CGi are better than in the previous movie and gets criticism for trying something different. At least this movie did not copy the first one or other movies like Jurassic World did. I love the first Jurassic Park to death it is the best one in the franchise by a novel who directed Steven Spielberg. I love Jurassic Park III and this one. Directed was by J. A. Bayona who made a good direction. I enjoy the film I would put the film between Aliens and Deep Rising the opening sequence is a really horror aspect, you see a man been eat by a sea monster. Derek Connolly and Colin Trevorrow wrote a script for the film and they did a good job Colin Trevorrow previously directed Jurassic World so I respect him.

I love the idea the rescuing dinosaurs from raging volcano I thought was better idea then the Jurassic World did. The rescue mission was a ploy and Claire and Owen must try to save the dinosaurs from been sold on a black marked. The problems and dumb idea was the cloning little girl that was stupid and bad idea. Of course the T Rex- Veloceraptor blood transfusion was a bad idea too.

My favorite scenes are in which Indoraptor hunts Owen and Maise throughout the mansion they are both on the roof but Claire shows up and distracts Indoraptor and of course Blue Velociraptor comes and saves them, kills prototype Indoraptor I loved that in the film. Jeff Goldblum has a cameo scene in the beginning of the film as Ian Malcolm and on the end of the film I don't mind him. BD Wong as Dr. Wu is also back as the bad guy he does a solid job. I love Claire and Franklin in an abandoned gyro-sphere to flee from the pyroclastic flow, but falls into the ocean that scene scared me because I thought they could have died for real. Excellent scene in the movie one of my favorites.

I watch this movie twice in the row now, I know it is not perfect film it is not the greatest movie or the best one ever, I know it is stupid but I love it. I enjoy the film it is my second favorite film in the franchise. That is my opinion I forgot they mention a guy who is an arms dealer and they mention Slovenian my country yes I am from Slovenia so I am honored by this movie.

Amazing film love the entire franchise

By: kwilson-15492
What is wrong with people just because it's not an disney movie with fairy tales and pretty ribbons people don't like it. If you don't like the franchise simple DONT WATCH IT!! STOP MOANING....Spielberg still manages to amaze me he is probably the best exec producer in the whole world - keep them coming ignore the sad cynical people who like pretty ribbons and fairy tales ha ha

Great entry to the franchise.

By: jonak-45501
I didn't grow up seeing the first Jurassic park but I still liked the first one. The plot was ok but everything else was pretty great so I liked it if you say that it bad I won't disagree but I really enjoyed it.(my first review yayayayayay)

I Enjoyed better then the first Jurassic world.

By: luke-797-906460
I give Jurrasic World Fallen Kingdom 7.1/2 out of 10 I enjoyed more then the first Jurassic World. I did not enjoy the Animal Cruelty but by the end I was happy again. Cries and laughs Action pact with great sound you would expect from a Jurassic movie . I hope there is a part 3 and can not wait to escape reality and lose myself in another 2 hour Jurassic world.

Honest review

By: johnpack1987
I want to give my opinion I know many of the reviews people didn't like the movie but I don't know if many that didn't like it had read both novels Jurassic park and the lost world that Michael Crichton had wrote what was in the movie was influenced from the novels and let's not forget Mount sibo the volcano was introduce in telltale games Jurassic Park the game which played a part in the movie while the eruption of said volcano was influenced on the end novel on Jurassic park.

I was already prepared after not only going through some of the media and owning both novels I enjoyed the movie and that was the reason on my score you have to know what was used in the movie and the last film was influenced from the novels of the people who disliked the film please go back and read both novels and not only that the Dino protection group and the masarni global website and Jurassic park the game will not only help out but you will understand the film a bit better

The Shocking Step taken by the Director....#Jurassic World

By: aaftabsaeedkhan
The movie starts from where the last part ended. The movie has good and strong stroy line and infact the movie will give a shock when you watch it. However, the movie is good to watch a great time killer movie.

Great movie, but not my favorite in the Jurassic Series

By: chacharosie
I loved the beginning of this movie - but I'm not a fan of the horror kind of feeling the movie has as it progresses. I liked the original Jurassic World much better because it had action, didn't fail to add a little comedy to it, and it just had an awesome feeling overall, I can't explain how I felt when I watched that movie but it was just such a cool feeling that transports you to another world with dinosaurs. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom was kind of different, the dark scenes in the house, more horror like violence than the first one, I just didn't like it. I am a HUGE fan of JW, my room literally has a ton of JW fan posters and figurines all over, I love it so much, but I don't like horror movies.

The best Jurassic Park movie there is

By: dmckinney-91519
Dont listen to the people saying this movie is terrible. It's really not. It is one of the best if not THE best Jurassic Park movie there is. Go and watch it and enjoy it

Love all Jurassic

By: jessicablazebrigman25
All Jurassic moves are great. This may not be the be the best but I liked it.

Dont understand the hate.

By: monkeydiddle-56799
This film is on par with the lost world, and deserves praise. It has issues like most films, but a lot of the 'plot holes' can be explained from previous film cannon. For jurassic fans, this film was a real tribute to the author of the novels. And one to think about after viewing.

Good Movie In Jurassic Universe!!

By: peraveen
Seriously this is good movie like its first part. Really don't know why some people here are not liking this movie... It has the core plot and strong casting and VFX too in addition to the emotional things. Overall this is an enjoyable film with some message too. Go for it!!! Cheers!

Part 2 is improved by new, interesting action scenes, and impressive set pieces - gotta experience it in the theatre!

By: TYContact1
The original Jurassic Park is iconic, so let's not compare this to that: it's a different era with different technology, and different actors available.

Most Part 2 movies have the pitfall of rushed dialogues (assuming all audience have watched Part 1), recycled action scenes (using Part 1 props save $), dragging philosophical review or weepy flashbacks of Part 1 (padding screen time), bizarre sudden change in characters' casting/ personality, or a confusing head trip into the future or some incomprehensible scenarios that makes you wonder if this "Part 2" is related to the original Part 1 story at all.

Fallen Kingdom manages to avoid most of the pitfalls: the gyrospheres feature again, but under water; this time, dangers on the island include volcanic eruption - it's not just dangerous to humans, dinosaurs have to flee as well (stampede alert!). Without specific references / spoilers to particular scenes, let's just say volcanic eruption has played a role in some intense, touching and/or hilarious scenes.

Some plots are predictable, such as "evil scientists" shipping off / selling / researching on dinosaurs, an environmental subject explored in Part 1. However, Part 2 spins some humour into the rescue mission. The new characters Webb and Rodriguez are welcome addition to Grady's team.

I do not find the plot twist near the ending forced, because I picked up the hints from the scientists' conversations. Part 2 did a good job carrying on the events on the island from Part 1. The storyline is actually more defined and all the missions and side characters have a clear purpose, whereas Part 1 felt experimental, loosely focused, and took awhile to kick into action (no one knew if the reboot would succeed, so understandably Part 1 couldn't afford to make a tight script with non-stop actions). I look forward to Part 3 - hope it won't be a messy ending with mindless explosions...

The entertainment that never fails.

By: Patricio Gómez Leguizamón (patriciogl10)
I know that Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom's plot leaves a lot to be desired; especially concerning the purpose the evil guys want to give the dinos, that is turning them into war machines; so far fetched that one inevitably thinks that they have really not thought this through at all. Many people think that this is a rehash of The Lost World, and in certain ways it is because of the fact that humans are taking the dinosaurs to the 'real world'; nevertheless this movie has a totally different vibe and can stand up on its own merit. All plot issues aside, this movie never fails to entertain, which is the first thing I look for inthis kind of films, and especially the Jurassic Park movie franchise. The acting is good, no one seems to be out of tune; there is a fairly good chemistry between Chris Pratt and the always gorgeous Bryce Dallas Howard, however in the previous movie they had more serious romantic interactions between them. What happens is that in Fallen Kingdom the action and the primary plot starts to develop quickly from minute one and it virtually doesn't stop. I find that to be one of the good things about this film, you don't have to wait for the events to be set in motion, they already are at full blast.

As a fan of the original Jurassic Park, I loved the inclusion of Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm even if it doesn't come from the center of the action. Toby Jones does a fair job as the evil rich eccentric man; Isabella Sermon plays Maisie Lockwood (Benjamin Lockwood's granddaughter), because it's not a Jurassic Park/World movie if it doesn't include children. The supporting characters Zia (Daniella Pineda) and Franklin (Justice Smith) spend most of the film apart from the leads which I thought that it was a different but acceptable approach, since they proved themselves useful nonetheless. Rafe Spall (Eli Mills) as the main antagonist in my opinion was passable. He wasn't too great nor plain bad, just okay. Maybe he lacked a bit of evilness.

As for the dinos, they looked great, particularly the animatronics. They always give such a genuine look sometimes overdone by CGI. The relationship between Blue and Owen reaches new heights; it falls to a deeper emotional level where we actually find ourselves rooting for her. Oh, and there's a new dino in town, a hybrid between the Indominus Rex and a Velociraptor. This new addition, the Indoraptor, doesn't appear fully in picture until the third act more or less. While in Jurassic World the main attraction was the Indominous Rex and appeared from the beginning, the Indoraptor is only revealed later on; and it proves to be a highly menacing creature.

All things considered, I found the entertainment I came looking for; I'm aware of certain plot flaws but that can't take away the fact that I had a blast watching this movie, and sometimes you have to put that first, but many people seem to discard that by looking for infallible logic in a hugely popular dinosaur movie franchise. I mean come on. If you're like me, this action-packed adventure will not disappoint you.

On a side note: should we start saying "is not a Jurassic World film if the Mosasaurus doesn't jump out of the water to eat a person?" or is it too soon? But I think I'm noticing a trend here. I just wish the filmmakers would give the Mosasaurus a much bigger involvement.

I watch movies to enjoy them, I loved it and did the same for me as the last 4 movies. A new chapter of Dino's!

By: laskasmarine
The imagination of events made it seem intriguing, almost every scene. I read the reviews and it's pathetic you cannot just envelope yourself into imagination while watching a new era of dinasaurs. It was fun, thrilling, parts were kinda sad but I cannot wait wait to see the next one. It's nice to watch something and feel like a kid again. Volcano scene was insane!

New perspectives to a worn saga

By: zarvmg
This movie generates so much debate as to determine Fallen Kingdom is either the worst or the best movie of the saga, that it was a natural choice as subject of my first review on IMDB.

The main challenge of Fallen Kingdom was to find a plausible reason for characters to get the stupid idea of returning to the island. Not only Bayona developed that in a smart way, but he achieved quite efficiently to move on from a déjà vu plot to bring his own view on how a Jurassic movie should be. And damn, I wish we never came back to Isla Sorna, Isla Nublar, or any other island from now on.

This movie proposes new characters and plot developments, brings new perspectives to the jurassic park saga in such a way that we leave the present movie with more questions than answers.

Juan Antonio Bayona's direction and photography is by far the most artistic of all Jurassic Movies and he has achieved to bring horror movies standards to a film with dinos, something I never expected to be so enjoyable.

Although the screenplay is too predictable and suffer inconsistencies and irregular rhythm, I have really enjoyed how Bayona is able to generate many tensions, something I though only Spielberg was able to create with dinosaurs. I am not easily impressed, I just remember how I was shivering and feeling stressful when I first watched iconic scenes such as the appearance of the T-Rex in the first movie, and the rescue of the baby T-Rex by its parents in the Lost World. Well, I got that feeling in Fallen Kingdom, not only once, but several times in one single movie.

Fallen Kingdom is really an excellent entertaining movie, as long as you watch it with an open mind.

Lots of watchers give bad review complaining that it's not Jurassic Park anymore, but what do they expect, really ? Just pick up a DVD so that you can keep watching a movie you enjoyed.

Awesome film!

By: mimikassem
Watched this movie with my 4 year old cousin who is a dinasour lover. We both loved the movie.He most likely loved it for the roars of the dinasours. But I definitely appreciated the plot. Great movie and it is better than a 6.4.

Loved it!!

By: lindyloo395
Really honestly enjoyed this movie! Dont know why so much negativity.

Loved it

By: wingscannfly
Enjoyed it immensely. Loved the ending. A real treat and the acting was great.

Loved it

By: nickjevan
A lot of action and excitement. My favourite Jurassic park movie so far. Sit down, relax, and enjoy 2 hours with fantastic action scenes, amazing effects and fascinating dinosaurs. Prepare for some tears for you sensitive souls out there cause this one is kinda sad to.


By: sarah-webber-45854
I dont know who these crazy people are writing 1 star, yawn etc! Absolute jokers man. Havent got a Jurrasic loving brain cell between them! Such a shame. Brilliant film! Brings to life what would happen in modern day, utterly gripping and awesome film. So many references to original jurrasic park, an absolute tribute to the originals. I love how they havent just tried to re-do the old films - they've just brought the film into the modern day. I love all Jurrasic Park films and this one was also amazing! Cant wait for the next one. Ignore the terrible reviews - a total must see!